Gentilly Pest Control Services

Gentilly is a broad, predominantly middle-class and racially diverse section of New Orleans, Louisiana. The Gentilly neighborhood is bounded by Lake Pontchartrain to the north, France Road to the east, Bayou St. John to the west, and the Louisville and Nashville Railroad to the south.

If you are experiencing a pest or rodent related infestation in the Gentilly, New Orleans area, contact the pest control experts at Pied Piper for quick and effective services. We will happily come onsite and provide a free quote and produce results when it comes to making your home or business pest-free!

Frequent Pest & Rodent Control Services Offered in Gentilly, LA: 

Formosan Termite Swarm

Termite Control Services In Gentilly

If you have questions about termites or have a potential termite infestation, contact us today!

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new orleans bed bug removal

Bedbug Control Services In Gentilly

If you find yourself waking up with red bumps or marks on your skin it may be due to Bedbugs. For inspection & removal services contact PPPC today!

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Rodent Removal Services In Gentilly

Rodents can and will find a way into your home given the opportunity! Whether it is to seek shelter during the cooler months, or a need to nest, Pied Piper Pest Control will safely and humanely remove any rodents in your home or business.

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Cockroach Removal Services In Gentilly

For cockroach removal & prevention in Gentilly contact the Pest Experts at Pied Piper!

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spider removal new orleans

Spider Removal Services In Gentilly

For assistance when it comes to spider & nest removal on your property, we can help!

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new orleans mosquito prevention tips

Mosquito Control Services In Gentilly

Keep your home and property mosquito-free this season! For year-round prevention plans & mosquito services in Gentilly. For questions on yearly prevention or seasonal prevention, contact us today!

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Other Preventative Pest Control Services Offered

Pest Control & Rodent Removal Services in Gentilly, LA

At Pied Piper Pest Control, we are dedicated to providing the most efficient and high-quality pest extermination & rodent removal services for businesses and residences in the Gentilly area. For questions or concerns on a potential pest or rodent problem in the contact us by phone at (504) 366-1333 or use our contact form to get in touch!

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