Pest Control Service Plan

General Pest Control Service image-service-termites– $199 (2-3 Visits / 7-14 Days)

This one-time service is for general pest control which includes coverage for roaches, ants (except carpenter ants and raspberry ants) silverfish and spiders.We first come out and inspect the property and assess the pest control needs, and treat as recommended.  We will return in 7-14 days to re-assess the problem and re-treat as necessary, and we will make a third visit to retreat only if the problem is still not under control.

When the technician comes out to the property and assesses the situation, depending on the severity of the problem and the number of visits it will take to rid the property of the pests, the cost may go up from there.

Year Round Pest Control Service – $29.99 / Month

We also offer a year-round service contract for $39.99 a month on our auto-payment plan. We also offer a year-round service contract for $29.99 a month on our auto-payment plan. We will come out on a typical general pest control job, as specified above.  The first quarterly service is an interior and exterior service, and then the next three quarterly services (every three months) we would return to treat the exterior for the covered pests.  And in the event that you want an interior service as well on any of the exterior service appointments, you only need to call the office to arrange the interior service before the date that we come out to do the exterior service, at no extra charge.  We will also come out in between service calls to take care of any “covered pest” problem you may experience in between regular service calls – at no extra costs.

If the pest control problem isn’t “typical,” in that it will take longer than the 7-14 day period and more than 3 visits initially to get the problem under control, there would be an initial price added to the first visit. This is all done with your acceptance of the pricing before we actually do anything.  Once you and our tech agree on a price, then the contract is signed by both, and we will take care of the problem then and then preventative throughout the year.