Termite Awareness Week

termitesLast week was Termite Awareness Week! With the warmer weather approaching fast, termites are on the prowl. Make sure you’re prepared with our many services for termite control!

Termites are actually more destructive than most people think, which is why we offer two different options to deal with termite issues and prevent future invasions. One option is Termidor; this is a professional termite defense product that is effective on native subterranean termites, dry-wood termites and Formosan termites. It uses an advanced non-repellent, undetectable liquid technology that is impossible for termites to smell, see or taste. Termidor starts working immediately, controlling infestations in three months or less. Termites will come in contact with Termidor, ingest it, spread it throughout the colony, and then die.

The second option is Sentricon Always Active; the foremost advanced termite baiting technology. Sentricon destroys the termite queen and her colony without any effect to the landscaping or foundation. There is no drilling, digging or trenching involved, just stations placed on the ground forming a protective ring around your home. The active bait found in Sentricon is noviflumuron, which termites prefer over wood. Noviflumuron prevents the termites from molting, and when termites can’t molt, they die.

With these two options, preventing termite damage is easy. Whether you choose Termidor or Sentricon Always Active, you can be sure to have a termite free home and save yourself from a financial ruin.

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Termite Awareness Week