5 Winter Pest Control Tips

This time of the year in the south is still fairly mild compared to the northern states, even though the temperatures can fluctuate unexpectedly. Due to this ever-changing weather, pests that would normally go into hibernation in the north remain much more active in Louisiana. Follow these tips to make sure your home is ready to avoid cold weather pests.


Seal all cracks and holes

You’d be surprised, but mice can squeeze into your home through the tiniest cracks. Make sure to seal any potential entry points. Inspect your building for small holes in the foundation, or the cracks around windows and doors, as well as any openings around the pipes. Check the weather stripping around your garage door and replace it if needed.


Store food in airtight containers

Try to store all food, including pet food, indoors and in closed containers. Any food left out in the open is a major attractant for pests. Keep your house tidy and clean at all times, vacuum frequently to avoid dust piling up. As the kitchen is always at a higher risk of luring in ants and cockroaches, make sure to wipe out any spills or crumbs right away.


Keep stacks of firewood far from the house and covered

During the winter months in Louisiana, it’s common to see people start lighting fires on their yards. As it pertains to storing stacks of firewood, they provide pests with a hiding spot as well as a food source. If you store firewood on your property, make sure it’s as far from the house as possible. Ideally, firewood should be kept in an outdoor building or a sealed container.


Fix drainage or water problems

Many homes in the south, especially the newer and recently built houses, do not have a guttering system and may experience poor drainage. Consider installing gutters to improve your drainage and reduce chances of water damage. Avoid standing water as it can become a breeding ground for pests, especially mosquitoes.  


Remove debris

Similarly to firewood, piles of leaves or branches, as well as unused or discarded items around your property can create winter homes for a variety of pests. Get rid of any dust-collecting debris you might have around the house to reduce your chances of pest problems.


While removing problem items from your home can make a major difference, the ultimate method of controlling pests during winter months is to hire a professional.  If you’re concerned about potential entry points for pests, contact Pied Piper Pest Control and get an expert inspection and treatment before the cold weather arrives!

5 Winter Pest Control Tips