How to Termite-Proof My Louisiana Home

Living in the southeastern region of the United States certainly has its perks. The states in this area have some of the country’s most beautiful scenery, best college sports teams, and the finest dining and shopping. With the perks, however, come some not-so-great things, as well. One of the problems with living in the Southeast, for instance, is that insects are a definite problem. In this guide, you’ll learn more about how to termite-proof your house if you live in Louisiana.

Consider treatment during construction.

This advice won’t do you much good if you live in an older house, but if you happen to be building a new home, you should absolutely look into having it treated for termites while it is being built.  This treatment is done before the slab foundation is poured so that the soil beneath the foundation is treated thus forming a chemical barrier to termites. Quality termite control companies have a number of services they can perform during construction to prevent termites from ever becoming a problem. They may, for instance, treat the lumber that is being used to form the bones of your new house and make sure your builders use insulation that is engineered to be termite resistant.

Trim your trees and shrubs.

Termites often infest homes by traveling from tree branches and shrubs that are very close to exterior walls. One good way to keep termites from getting into your home is to make sure any nearby plants are trimmed regularly. A good rule of thumb is to make sure any landscaping in your yard is at least three feet away from any walls; but at the very least, do not put any landscaping up against the slab. Keep your slab visible so that you can inspect it regularly for any termite tubes that may form from the ground going into the structure. This will minimize the odds of termites and other bugs getting into your family’s residence.

Look for moisture retention.

Termites thrive in moist, warm areas. If therefore, your homes are retaining moisture, it is imperative to have the issue corrected as quickly as possible. In addition to the potential for a termite infestation, areas of moisture on and behind your siding can lead to mold problems and general rot. If you notice any damp patches on either your exterior or interior walls or window sills, contact a professional contractor to look at the underlying issues as soon as possible.

Schedule professional maintenance with Pied Piper Pest Control.

There are many excellent termite control businesses throughout Louisiana. The absolute best way to make sure you don’t end up with a residential infestation is to have regular maintenance performed by professionals. You and your termite control team will work together to create a plan that works not only for your family’s lifestyle but for your specific region of Louisiana. There are a variety of termite control options in existence today, including baits that help prevent infestations and liquid treatments.


As you begin your search for a great pest control company to prevent termites on your property, we sincerely hope you will contact Pied Piper Pest Control! Our technicians work hard to satisfy every client and take pride in offering high-quality treatment options that truly prevent termite damage. We look forward to working with you in the near future. Reach out online or call us today at (504) 366-1333!

How to Termite-Proof My Louisiana Home