4 Ways to Keep Fleas off of Your Pup

puppyWhen it comes to household pests, there is one that dog-owner’s fear most – fleas. If you have a dog, you know how dreadful flea season is. Since fleas can jump as high as 7 inches, and as far as 13 inches, they can leave your pup and begin to spread throughout the entire house! In order to keep your pup itch-free, and your home flea-free, follow these quick tips!

Flea Collar – flea collars sit around your dog’s neck and transfer chemicals onto the fur and skin. When adjusting the collar, make sure there is just enough room to fit two fingers under the collar. Also watch your dog for signs of discomfort, as they may have an allergic reaction to the chemicals.

Flea Comb – flea combs are lined with finely spaced teeth, allowing the comb to trap fleas, flea eggs, and flea dirt, and remove them from your dog’s fur. As you’re combing your pup, routinely rinse the brush in warm, soapy water to remove fleas from the comb.

Flea Spray – flea sprays and powders are very inexpensive ways to repel fleas. These products will wear off faster than spot-on treatment, so they will need to be reapplied more often. When applying, be sure to avoid the mouth, nose and eyes, and check your dog for any signs of irritation.

Flea Shampoo – flea shampoo is specially medicated shampoo that kills fleas on contact. Bath your dog with this shampoo every two weeks to protect them during flea season.

If you think you have a flea infestation in your home, contact us today!

4 Ways to Keep Fleas off of Your Pup