Four Types Of Pests That Can Harm Your Pets

When creatures like insects and rodents begin to live somewhere they shouldn’t, they become pests. As long as they have access to food, water, and shelter that will allow them to survive and breed, these pests can adapt to nearly any habitat including in and around your home. There are a wide range of pests that can carry all kinds of diseases, and when these pests are in close proximity to your home, one or more of these harmful diseases could be spread to you or your loved ones. While most people are primarily concerned with the effects that pests can have on the people living in their homes, their pets can also be affected! In this article, we’ll talk about four different pests that you should keep an eye out for because of the harmful effects they could have on your furry friends!


In addition to causing property damage, rats and mice can spread a wide range of diseases to your pets, including leptospirosis, rat-bite fever, and more. A pet who consumes an infected rat or is bitten by one could become ill with any ailments the rodent has. Pets can also be harmed if they consume a rodent that has just eaten rodent poison, so be extremely cautious when trying to solve mouse or rat infestations on your own.


Ticks can spread illnesses like Lyme disease, Babesiosis, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and many more diseases to pets. For this reason, tick medicine is highly recommended by veterinarians. Tick medicine will not only kill ticks when they bite an animal, but it is over 80% effective at preventing ticks from ever attempting to bite your pets in the first place. In addition to treating your pets with tick medicine, you should be periodically checking your pets (and yourself) for ticks whenever you walk through the woods, tall grass, or any other kind of wildlife where ticks may be lurking.


Given all their fur, one might think mosquitoes would stay away from pets, but this is not the case. In addition to itchy welts, mosquito bites can also trigger allergic reactions and spread dangerous illnesses like malaria and heartworm to your pets. There are several mosquito repellent medicines that can be used on dogs, some of which also will prevent flea and tick bites.


Fleas are a typical parasite that can give pets tapeworms, anemia, and skin irritation. Fleas breed quickly and spread diseases when they bite pets, making them dangerous to have around your furry friends. You should frequently groom your pets and utilize topical or oral flea medicines, flea collars, and flea-control shampoos to limit the threat of these pests. To lower the possibility of flea infestations in your home, you should routinely vacuum and wash your pet’s bedding and carpets.

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Four Types Of Pests That Can Harm Your Pets