How to Protect Your Holiday Decor from Pests


Nothing makes a home merrier than festive decorations, Christmas lights, and holiday greenery arrangements. But how can you ensure that this wonderful decor is not currently home to uninvited pests and critters? As we know, pesky insects and rodents tend to hide in the hard-to-reach areas where they don’t get disturbed too often. Storage areas where we keep our holiday decor for the other 11 months of the year is just one example. Boxes of fabric decorations, artificial trees, and wreaths make an ideal shelter for rodents, spiders, moths, and other unwelcome creatures. To protect your decor from unwanted guests, make sure to follow our tips.


Live Greenery

Christmas trees attract all types of pests, especially insects. If you choose to decorate a real tree, make sure to give it a good shake before bringing it indoors. The same logic applies to any live greenery wreaths and garlands. All the tiny critters and their eggs that might hide out on the branches won’t handle such a rollercoaster.


Artificial Trees and Wreaths

As it pertains to artificial trees, the mistake many people make is storing them in the original carton boxes. Some pests, including most rodents and silverfish bugs, are extremely attracted to cardboard. A better option would be wrapping your tree in heavy plastic and securing it with tape, to prevent any critters from invading.


Other Decorations

When you take boxes with ornaments and ribbons out of the storage, try to unpack them outdoors and check for pests. The red flags to look for would be gnaw marks, various types of droppings and spider egg sacs. Additionally, don’t forget to fully inspect the wiring on your string lights. After the holidays, store all decorations in airtight and sealed containers that pests wouldn’t be able to chew through.


If you already have a pest problem, don’t let the critters ruin your festivities! Contact Pied Piper Pest Control online or call today at (504) 366-1333 if you’re in need of our professional assistance!

How to Protect Your Holiday Decor from Pests