Keeping Spiders Out of Your Home

Spiders tend to spend most of their time living in outdoor environments. During the colder months, they often seek refuge indoors or warmer conditions. There is a variety spider removal techniques both proven and unproven to either ward off spiders or exterminate them. Here are a few spider remediation techniques that you can try if you notice an influx of spiders in your home.

1)    Patch up Cracks: Seal up any cracks around your home that spiders may use to crawl indoors. Focus on areas such as your windows or doorways. Replace or mend torn window screens; cover vents and chimneys with mesh insect screens.

2)    Turn off Outdoor Lighting: Spiders are not attracted by outdoor lighting fixtures, but many other insects are. Spiders see the amount off insects surrounding light fixtures as a source of food. Turn off your outdoor lighting fixtures when not in use; switch to a yellow sodium vapor lights which won’t attract other insects.

3)    Move Plants Further Away: Spiders often use the plants surrounding your home as a means for shelter or hiding areas. Move any plants further away from your home. Plants that are too close to your house are conducive conditions that can lead to a spider infestation.

4)    Clean Home: Maintaining a clean home leaves fewer places for spiders to hide. Keeping left over food around the house may attract other insects, which in turn can attract spiders. Pick up any old newspapers or piles of dirty clothes, these are perfect hiding places for spiders.

5)    Use a vacuum: Vacuuming spider webs and egg sacs is one of the simplest ways to get rid of spiders. However, this method is effective for a smaller infestation of spiders, for a larger infestation consult with a specialist.

Spiders can be the most helpful type of pest to have in your home because of the fact that their main food source is other pests that can cause more serious harm to you. If you notice that there are many spiders in your home that may indicate that there is a much larger pest control issue in your home. If this is the case, then consult a pest control specialist.

Keeping Spiders Out of Your Home