Mosquito Prevention Tips

Mosquito Facts

With the warm Summer season comes longs days at the lake, nights out on the town, white linen night, and unfortunately everyone’s favorite pest; the mosquito. As the sun begins to set and the night begins to cool, our favorite pest the mosquito comes out to feast.

  • Anything that can store standing water, flower pots, trash cans, tires, pools, ditches, etc. can breed mosquitos
  • Mosquitoes spend their first 10 days in the water
  • There are more than 3,500 species of mosquitoes, however, only 175 are found in the United States
  • Only female mosquitoes bite
  • Mosquitoes feed day and night.

If you are noticing an unusual amount of mosquitos on your property it is important to first start looking for any standing water, it is important to take care of any standing water on your property as it can serve as a breeding haven for any mosquito in the area.

About In2Care:

The In2Care mosquito trap lures and contaminates Aedes mosquitoes with a special slow-acting larvicide. This allows the mosquitos to spread the larvicide to other breeding sites that may be more difficult to locate. This method is effective because the mosquito larvae are not only killed inside the traps but also within its vicinity.

In small doses mosquitos are nothing more than a nuisance, however, if you have noticed multiple breeding sites or an unusual amount of mosquitos on your property, it might be time to look into some preventative options. Read on to learn more about how In2Care uses environmentally friendly techniques to reduce the presence of mosquitos on & around your property!

Cutting Edge Mosquito Prevention: In2Care

While there are a variety of mosquito prevention methods available, Pied Piper utilizes In2Care for the following reasons:

  • Kills Aedes mosquitos (including insecticide-resistant)
  • Kills mosquito larvae and pupae
  • Reduces the risk of mosquito-borne virus transmission
  • Field validated & published results
  • Safe ingredient & environmentally friendly

The Pest Prevention Specialists

By Installing In2Care on your property you are not only preventing a bothersome summertime pest, but you are also reducing the chance of mosquito-borne diseases from spreading. Take back your summer with In2Care Today!

For more information on our pest prevention products, or if you would like In2Care installed on your property please click here! If you are concerned about a current mosquito problem, call us @ 504-366-1333 to schedule a service call!

Mosquito Prevention Tips