Six Winter Pest Control Tips for Louisiana Homeowners

While the spring and summer months are hotbeds for pest activities in Louisiana homes, the winter months can see quite a bit of pest activity, as well. Here are six pest control tips for Louisiana homeowners, to keep your house pest-free this winter.


Check doors and windows for cracks and gaps

Not only could cracks and gaps in doors and windows make your heating bill higher, but they are also entry points for outside pests. Give all ports of entry of your home a thorough inspection, and seal up any spaces you may find. Remember: mice can enter your home in a hole as small as a dime. No crevice is too small to get filled.


Don’t give the critters a place to hide

While the holidays may still have your home full of bags and boxes, it’s important to eradicate any areas pests like cockroaches and mice can hide. Get as many of these objects off the ground as possible, so these pests have fewer places they can call home.


Regularly treat your pet for fleas, especially when guest animals visit the house

It’s always a good idea to regularly treat your pet for fleas, but especially if your guests are bringing their pets over for the holidays, you should take preventative measures to make sure your dog or cat can’t catch fleas. They travel quickly between animals, and once they call your house home, it is hard to get them out.

Inspect your attic for entry points

While you’re putting the Christmas lights away, why not take a walk around your attic and take note of any places a pest can enter? If your attic isn’t sealed up tight, you could soon find yourself with raccoon up there.

Keep damp places well ventilated

Most small pests rely on moisture, so make sure you don’t have an excess of it in your house this winter season. Now is the time to fix that leaking pipe under the sink, or it may attract pests such as silverfish or cockroaches.


Call your local pest control at the first sign of a pest invasion

Once pests are in your home, it can be difficult to get them out. Call Pied Piper Pest Control at the first sign of an invasion, and we can get rid of the invasion in the safest, quick and effective manner.


The winter season can be a busy time, with holidays and family. Ease your mind from having to worry about pests by taking these easy six easy tips to keep your Louisiana home pest-free this winter!

Six Winter Pest Control Tips for Louisiana Homeowners