Termite Prevention with Termidor®

Termites are naturally gifted with the ability to enter your home without being detected. Fortunately, there are steps that you can take as a homeowner to make it difficult for termites to infest your home. As far as liquid treatments are concerned, we recommend Termidor®, a professional termite defense product that is effective on native subterranean termites and Formosan termites. Here are three steps that you can take to proactively protect your home by utilizing the Termidor® system.

Step 1. Contact a Professional Pest Control Specialist

Regular inspections by a licensed pest control specialist are the best way to keep on top of a potential termite infestation. A Termidor® certified professional will be able to perform a thorough inspection of your home to determine if termites are present in your home and how they were able to enter your home. Termidor® certified professionals are able to explain how to correct any conditions in your home that is the cause of the termite infestation.

Step 2. Request Termidor® for Termite Prevention.

After the inspection process is over and your pest control specialist shows that your home does not have any termites. Ask your specialist to recommend ways in which you are able to start preventative efforts for termite control.

Step 3. Regular Inspections with your Termidor® Treatment

A Termidor® treatment itself is not enough to properly safeguard your home from a possible termite infestation. Combine your Termidor® treatment with routine inspections to make sure that your home is protected throughout the year and that the Termidor® system is working properly.

Termite Prevention with Termidor®