The Swarm: Formosan Termites

If you’ve stepped outside at any time in the past few weeks, you’ve surely noticed the massive swarms of Formosan Termites coming out at dusk. A sight like this might lead you to think of ancient Egypt and the end of times but fear not, this is simply a yearly event that happens in the early weeks of May and lasts into the summer.

If you are a new homeowner in the New Orleans area, this sight can be troubling as termites can pose a serious threat to your home if left unchecked. Below is some helpful information on this particular type of pest, and what can be done to reduce your risk of a termite invasion this season.

Formosan Origin

Formosan termites are not native to the United States, originally from China, these pests managed to hitch a ride on timber and made the south their home. If left unchecked these massive swarms are capable of causing severe structural damage in weeks as these pests can cause homeowners major problems due to their ability to chew through wiring, and their ability to multiply rapidly.

Formosan termites are an invasive subterranean termite species found all around the world. In the United States, they are frequently found in southern states such as Louisiana, Georgia, Florida, Texas & more. Subterranean creatures, Formosan termites enter your home through the ground. They will establish a nest below the frost line, but above the water table to maintain constant moisture. Formosan termites love moist conditions, which can be a problem if you have moisture in upper levels of your house, shed, or barn. Due to their ability to reproduce and create secondary colonies rapidly, a small infestation can quickly become a widespread invasion of termites.

What do they Eat?

Unfortunately for us, Formosan termites are not picky eaters. They will primarily eat wood chips in soil, but they are not limited to feasting on your house foundation, furniture, shelves, and books are all possible feeding sites for termites.


If you are aware of moist or damp wood in your home or on your property, it is wise to keep a close eye on these parts of your home over the next few months as this is when termites are most likely to try and move in! Some easy preventive measures that can be taken prior / during the swarm are:

Lawn & tree maintenance
Termites (of all types) often gain access to homes by traveling from tree branches and shrubs that are very close to exterior walls. By maintaining good lawn practices, this does reduce the risk of an infestation greatly.

Removal of damp or moist wood
By manually removing damp or moist timber in your home you greatly reduce the risk of infestation as you are giving the Formosan termite one less reason to call your property home. While this does not remove the threat entirely it definitely gives you fighting chance when it comes to combatting the Formosan termite invasion.

Subterranean Protection
Since Formosan termites are primarily subterranean termites, adding an additional layer of protection around your house is a great way to prevent any infestation before any insect has a chance to flourish!

Cutting Edge Termite Prevention: Sentricon

At Pied Piper Pest Control we strive to make sure your home is safe, comfortable, and pest free. Below is one of our leading termite prevention services. For questions or concerns regarding a potential infestation of termites or any insect for that matter, please call us today at (504)366-1333 or contact us directly on our site for valuable insight and advice on next steps & prevention.

  • Eliminate the termite colony and its queen to protect against the threat of attack for good with the Sentricon® System. Here is how it works,
  • Colony Elimination System that protects your home against damaging termites
  • Continuous baiting and regular inspections
  • Minimizing drilling less invasive to your property
  • Environmentally responsible
  • First System to be approved by the EPA™ Reduced Risk Pesticide Initiative.
  • Monitoring and Scheduling is Convenient, no need to come inside your home
  • The Sentricon® System begins working as soon as it’s put in the ground. And with ongoing service from a Certified Sentricon Specialist, it keeps protecting your home 24/7/365, year after year.

For more information on our Sentricon pest protection services and plans, please click here!

The Swarm: Formosan Termites