What Are Carpet Beetles and How to Get Rid of Them

Unlike most other beetles who have the tendency of eating very specific things, Carpet Beetles are not subject to the same routine of eating habits. Carpet Beetles are known to eat almost everything, specifically organic fibers and other natural products. Carpet Beetles can be a real hazard to your home because of all the variety of things that they are able to digest. They are known to eat lint, hair, carpet fibers, garments, blankets, and animal carcasses.

How to Find Carpet Beetles.

The first step of removing Carpet Beetles from your home is by identifying the source of the beetle infestation. To find Carpet Beetles begin by looking for fecal pellets or left over larva skin. Another way to begin spotting Carpet Beetles is by looking for damage around the home such as holes found in fabric. Carpet Beetles tend to feed in dark, secluded areas like closets, basements, or drawers. It is also a good idea to check under home appliances and large pieces of furniture.

Once the Carpet Beetles have been spotted, immediately use a vacuum to remove the Carpet Beetle and any eggs or larva. When shopping for home furniture or textiles, opt for the synthetic fabrics, again Carpet Beetles are attracted to organic materials and not synthetic ones. If the Capet Beetle infestation gets into your fabrics, try cleaning those fabrics with hot water and detergent to kill any eggs that may be remaining on the fabric. A good idea is to steam clean your carpet for a more thorough job.

Carpet Beetles are known to be very resilient and difficult to remediate, especially the eggs. If the following steps do not succeed in removing all carpet beetles, then hiring a professional exterminator to remediate the issue is the recommended way to remove any and all presence of Carpet Beetles in your home. We suggest that hiring a professional exterminator should be done immediately because of the amount of damage that can be done by Carpet Beetles in your home.

What Are Carpet Beetles and How to Get Rid of Them
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