What Is the Importance of Year Round Pest Control?

Rat in a box

Most homeowners would wait until they have an infestation before calling a pest control specialist. Even though this may be the norm for most, it is actually more costly to wait for an infestation than to have a pest control plan year round. Protecting your home and family from rodents and pests is a lot easier and less costly than removing an infestation.


The spring season is when trees, plants, and flowers all come back to life, but so do all of the insects. Insects such as cockroaches or ants will become more noticeable. Inspections are needed to detect pests that may have found their way into your home. This is also the time that you are most likely to detect termites. Termites can be an issue year-round, but they are known to swarm in the spring.


In the summer, Insects will look to build colonies and nests, in and around your home. Insects will not have an issue finding a food source which would mean that the insect population may grow. Pest control can treat ants, beetles, and spiders. This is the best time to practice exclusion methods that will deter insects from entering your yard.


The fall season is when insects will be looking to enter your house through the garage, shed, or underneath your deck. Pests such as rodents, spiders, roaches, and beetles are looking for gaps or cracks. Check your exterior walls and foundations for entry points and seal them off.


The winter season is perhaps the most important time of the year to have a pest control company visit your home. Termites and rodents are known to chew their way into your home. A winter pest control inspection can treat and target the vulnerable pest entry points. Mice, spider, and ant treatments are the most common pest treatments in the winter.

What Is the Importance of Year Round Pest Control?