Five Common Spider Species in New Orleans

Five Common Spider Species in New Orleans

Spiders are often at the top of the list of people’s least favorite pests. Whether it is arachnophobia or the dangers that spiders can sometimes present, most people would like to avoid spiders if possible. With that being said, spiders can get a bit of an unfair treatment. Like many bugs and insects, they have a role to play in the environment. Spiders can often be pest control agents themselves, catching and eating other bugs and helping to control insect populations. New Orleans is home to a wide range of spider species, some of which can be harmful and some of which you shouldn’t be particularly worried about! In this article, we’ll discuss five different spider species that you may see around your property in New Orleans! If you have any questions about spiders or are a New Orleans area home or business owner who needs help controlling the spiders on your property, contact our team at Pied Piper Pest Control today for a free pest control quote

Cellar Spiders or Daddy Longlegs

Cellar spiders, commonly referred to as “Daddy Longlegs”, are one of the most visually distinct spiders that can be found in the New Orleans area. These spiders have eight long, skinny legs with a small body. They can be anywhere from a quarter to a half inch in size and tend to be a light brown or gray in color. Cellar spiders are completely harmless to people, however, they create large webs in dark, damp places. 

Brown Widow Spiders

Brown widow spiders are a species of venomous spider that can be found in New Orleans. Brown widow bites lead to pain, redness, swelling, muscle cramps, and nausea, but are very rarely fatal. It’s still a good idea to seek medical attention if you are bitten by one of these spiders. Brown widows are not as aggressive as black widows and typically will only bite when provoked. These spiders are typically about 1 ½” in length (including legs) and are light brown in color with an hourglass-shaped marking on their underside.

Wolf Spiders

Wolf spiders are a relatively large spider species with a hairy appearance, sometimes growing up to two inches in length. While these spiders are typically found outdoors, they do sometimes make their way into homes and businesses in the New Orleans area. Although wolf spiders have a scary appearance, these spiders are not life threatening to humans, but they will occasionally bite when provoked.

Common House Spiders 

Common house spiders are found throughout the United States, including in the New Orleans area. The common house spider is yellowish-brown in color with dark stripes. These spiders are relatively small, usually around ¼” in size. These spiders are harmless to people but can be a nuisance pest, as they build their webs anywhere they can inside homes and lay several hundred eggs at a time, resulting in infestations that can grow quickly. 

Jumping Spiders

The name “jumping spider” is an accurate description of what these spiders are known for: jumping spiders will leap towards their prey before grabbing ahold of them. These spiders are usually black, but they can sometimes be gray or brown. Jumping spiders are another relatively small spider species, typically only being about ⅛” – ¾” in length.

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Five Common Spider Species in New Orleans