Invasive Species Alert: Imported Red Fire Ants

shutterstock_357295961Red imported fire ants are one of the peskiest and potentially most dangerous insects found along Louisiana’s Gulf Coast. Notably, fire ants are included in the list of top 100 most harmful and invasive species in the world, as they are responsible for millions of dollars worth of damage yearly.

Imported Red Fire Ant Facts:

Red fire ants are called “imported” due to the fact that they were accidentally brought to the US from South America sometime in the 1930’s. For decades, they have been rapidly spreading inland and northward.
  • Fire ants reproduce at an extraordinary rate: one ant queen can lay over 2,000 eggs a day, and most colonies have up to 100 egg-laying queens.
  • fire ants create one the most common pest control problems in 12 southern states, including Louisiana.
  • Fire ants may construct mounds next to the foundation and enter homes through weep holes or other exterior cracks and holes
  • Red imported fire ants are attracted to moisture, which is why they create colonies and build mounds in the frequently watered soil

How to handle a potential Red Ant infestation

If you are experiencing a Red Fire Ant Infestation it is advised that you call a professional to remove any potential red fire ants on your property.
Contacting a professional pest control company will not only ensure that the fire ants are put at bay, but can also save you time, frustration, and reduces the chance of sustaining injuries as Red Fire Ants are prone to stinging when under threat!

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Invasive Species Alert: Imported Red Fire Ants