4 Conducive Conditions that Cause Termite Home Infestation

For most people, owning a home is the most important investment that they would ever make; depending on where you live and how your house is structured can affect how you protect your house from natural imposing threats.  Termite home infestation is the leading cause for damages in wood based structures ahead of fires or floods. It is estimated that termite infestation costs Americans more than $5 billion in damages annually.

Understanding the conditions that certain termites thrive in can improve your odds when dealing with termites before they colonize and infest your home. Here are four conducive conditions that can cause termite home infestation and how you can prevent them from damaging your home.

  • Areas of Moisture: High levels of moisture in your home are attractive conditions for subterranean termites. Areas of still water, leaky pipes, or plumbing issues may be the cause for moisture in your home. Ways to remediate these issues would be to fix any and all plumbing problems, cleaning out the gutters while ensuring proper drainage systems, and checking the foundation of your home for proper ventilation.
  • Wooden Structures near your Home: Wooden structures and fixtures that are in contact with the soil and the foundation to your home can act as a bridge for the termites to begin an infestation. Subterranean Termites feed on the cellulose found in wood. Those termites would travel above ground in search of food and can find their way to your homes structure. Removing stumps, vines or any wood near the exterior of your home such as piles of firewood can further protect your home. Also keep in mind that your roof is also susceptible to termite infestation too.
  • Cracks in the Foundation: Your home may be easily penetrable by termites if there are cracks in your foundation, roof, or walls. Termites can build mud tubes that would act like a passageway for their colony to enter and forage for food. Inspect your home for any loose seals, electrical wiring, or plumbing that enter your home for any gaps or cracks. Have those exposed spaces covered or repaired immediately.
  • Geographical Location: Homeowners who live in warmer or wetter states near the gulf coast or southern states have a higher chance of dealing with termite infestation problems, which would mean that taking the right precautionary steps to protect your home is even more crucial when dealing with termites. Of course termite infestation can occur in all of the U.S. states, besides Alaska.
4 Conducive Conditions that Cause Termite Home Infestation

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