Baiting Is Best!

Major research in Louisiana shows that the Sentricon System can eliminate whole colonies of subterranean termites and protect against future invasions! As the creator of the Sentricon System, Dr. Nan-Yao Su conducted a termite baiting project in Armstrong Park.

Dr. Nan Yao Su is an entomology professor at Fort Lauderdale Research and Education Center and part of the University of Florida’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences. He began teaching at the university in 1984, and has been an entomology professor since 1994. With his focus primarily on the study of subterranean termites, he recognized that trying to protect structures against insects in the traditional way, was never going to be effective. He felt that using pesticides to treat termites was not addressing the real issue; but it was just covering up the problem. That’s when he came up with idea of “baiting” termites.

Dr. Nan-Yao Su and his team at the University of Florida started a multiyear project of termite control. They used the 32-acre Louis Armstrong Park near New Orleans for their project. In September 2010, they installed 13 bait stations of Recruit HD termite bait with Always Active technology. By July 2012, the center area of the park was termite-free, and by December 2012, there no active termites anywhere in the park.

Five months later, they found colonies of termites near the park’s borders, but they were smaller and less aggressive. Bait stations were located here in order to eliminate these colonies and within two months, they were completely eliminated. That following year, the park remained completely termite-free, suggesting that the stations near the park’s borders had eliminated colonies up to 100 meters around the park.

The Sentricon system has been proven to eliminate whole colonies of subterranean termites within 2.5 months. It has also been proven to provide protection from future invasions of termite colonies. The Recruit HD system can be left in place even after a colony is eliminated to keep them from returning.
At Pied Piper Pest Control Inc., we only offer the best technology as part of our Positive Pest Protection. The Sentricon System with Always Active technology can eliminate subterranean termites from an entire area AND keep them from coming back. Schedule a consultation or call us at (504) 366-1333 for an installation of the Sentricon System today!

Baiting Is Best!