Detecting & Removing Rodents From Your Home

If there is ever a chance that a mouse or rodent might find its way into your home, it is during these cooler months that the odds are greatest! While the weather may remain relatively mild, mice and other rodents will go to great lengths to ensure that they are protected from the elements.

How To Tell If A Rodent Is In Your Home?

Think you’ve got a rodent issue? Read on to learn a few quick and easy at-home tests to determine, if and where rodents may be hiding in your home!

Mouse Droppings: This is generally a clear indicator that there are mice or rodents in your home, or they were in the past – droppings can be found in crawl spaces, attics, basements, anywhere mice may be nesting/ routes frequently traveled

Nests: If you have discovered visible nests, it would seem that a mouse has decided to call your house home. The trouble is that even if you remove a nest, there is no saying how many more there might be around your home

Scratching Noises: Unless you’re in a horror movie, you shouldn’t be hearing scratches in your walls, while older homes may make noises of their own if there is consistent scratching in the walls, it is safe to say there is a rodent of some sort that has gotten into your home

Peak Season Tips: Rodents typically seek warmer/colder shelters throughout the year, so when the temperature begins to change, stay vigilant!

Effective Rodent Removal Tactics

If there is an apparent rodent infestation in your home, it is important to take care of it as soon as possible, as an infestation will not only cause discomfort, stress, but create potentially unsafe/dangerous environments in your home

  1. Traps: While traps are effective, if you are inexperienced in where/how to lay a trap, this may take time as rodents are crafty creatures. It is best to leave traps in vulnerable or what you suspect might be high traffic areas for rodents. Some examples might be near a pantry, a blatant hole in the wall, or any nook and cranny that can be utilized. Another helpful tip is to utilize a few different traps to see which has the best results. (this is a slower process, especially for those new to placing traps)
  2. Contact a Professional: When it comes to potential rodent infestations if you want to be certain that all rodents have been removed, contacting a professional pest expert is going to be the most effective route in terms of complete removal and future prevention.

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Detecting & Removing Rodents From Your Home