Most Common Types Of Mice & Rats In Louisiana

Brown Rat (Left) & Deer Mouse (Right)

Most Common Types Of Mice & Rats In Louisiana

Rodents are disease-spreading pests that commonly take up residence in homes & businesses across Louisiana in search of food and shelter. No one wants to have rodents in or around their homes or businesses, and for good reason! If you’ve noticed a rodent in or around your house or building, this article will give you some tips on how you can identify that mouse or rat that you’ve been seeing! If you’re a home or business owner in the New Orleans area that is struggling with a rodent problem, contact our team at Pied Piper Pest Control today for a free estimate on our rodent control services!

Brown Rat

The brown rat, also known as the street rat, sewer rat, and common rat, is very common in and around New Orleans. These rats congregate anywhere that people live, particularly in urban areas, because they live off of food scraps and trash. Brown rats carry and can spread a wide range of diseases to humans and animals alike, so if you see one around your house or business, you should contact your local pest control professional!

Black Rat

Black rats are slightly smaller than brown rats and have more pointy snouts and larger ears. These rats are also thinner than their brown counterparts with dark-colored tails and are excellent climbers. Black rats in urban areas often eat bird seed, grains, and any other crops that they can get their paws on. Black rats can spread pathogens like toxoplasmosis, typhus, and more.

Deer Mouse

Deer mice are one of the most common rodents to take up residence in attics, garages, and other quiet, dark areas of homes & buildings. Deer mice have light brown fur with white feet and underbellies. Even though these mice may look small and cute, they do carry diseases that can be spread to humans and other animals. If you notice mouse droppings around your home, there is a good chance that a deer mouse is the culprit.

House Mouse

House mice are the type of mice that humans most often encounter in Louisiana. These mice have the stereotypical large ears, thin tails, and slender bodies that you probably picture when you think of a mouse. House mice often thrive in highly populated areas, as they’ve adapted to depend on them for food sources and shelter! If you spot a mouse in your New Orleans area home, odds are that you’re seeing a house mouse!

Cotton Mouse

Cotton mice are commonly found around wooded areas and swamps, but they sometimes make their way into homes and buildings in more urban areas. These mice get their name from the fact that they like to use raw cotton to build their nests. While these mice have physical characteristics that can easily be mistaken for those of a deer mouse, their cotton nests should indicate to you that you’re dealing with a cotton mouse!

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Most Common Types Of Mice & Rats In Louisiana