Red Imported Fire Ants in New Orleans

There is nothing worse than admiring your perfectly manicured lawn, only to realize that some uninvited guests have moved in! While Red “Imported” Fire Ants share many similarities to the common carpenter ant, they are an incredibly invasive & dangerous species that should not be trifled with, without the proper knowledge!

While Red Fire Ants are not native to the gulf coast, they have certainly made a home here, bringing millions of dollars of damage with them! If you have fire ants in or on your property, it is best to let an expert remove them. Read on for some facts, information, and an overview of Red “imported” Fire Ants!

Fire Ant Quick Facts & Information

  • Red fire ants are called “imported” due to the fact they were accidentally brought to the US from South America on a cargo ship sometime in the 1930’s
  • Every year, over 20 million people get stung by fire ants
  • Red imported fire ants are attracted to moisture
  • 1 ant queen can lay over 2,000 eggs a day, and most colonies have up to 100 egg-laying queens   

Red Imported Ant Nesting

Red imported fire ants are primarily attracted to moisture, which makes New Orleans a paradise! Fire ants tend to prefer to build colonies in moist or wet soil. Their mounds can be found on riverbanks, highway, side roads, residential lawns, commercial properties, golf courses, athletic fields, and farmland.

To better protect themselves and their colony, fire ants will camouflage their nests under various items such as garden plants, flowers, shrubs, and utility tunnels such as pipes or electrical fixtures. Ants can also utilize tight spaces such as the walls or foundations of buildings. Given the opportunity, ants can also enter your home or business through the miniscule cracks. Ants’ underground tunnels and galleries can cause serious and costly damage to everyone from suburban and urban residents to commercial and industrial entities.   

Red imported fire ants are one of the peskiest and potentially most dangerous insects found along Louisiana’s Gulf Coast. Notably, fire ants are included in the list of top 100 most harmful and invasive species in the world. If you suspect Red “imported” Fire Ants on your property, contact a professional as soon as possible!

Fire Ant Overview        

  • Fire ants are one of the most common pest control problems in the 12 most southern states, including Louisiana
  • Nests can be found on the riverbanks and highway side roads, residential lawns, golf courses, athletic fields, and farmlands
  • Inexperienced attempts at treating fire ant mounds can dislocate the mound and force the ants to occupy another area of your yard

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Red Imported Fire Ants in New Orleans