Tips For Solving Cockroach Infestations

Almost everybody has seen a cockroach at one time or another. These insects are typically about 1.5 inches long and have black or brown oval shaped bodies with long antennae. Cockroaches are scavenger insects, meaning that they will eat pretty much anything that is available to them. Cockroaches are usually attracted by food, so they’ll often be found in places where there are dirty dishes, food or crumbs on the floor, improperly sealed garbage containers, or excess moisture. Because cockroaches are dirty pests that carry a large number of bacteria and diseases, it’s important to get rid of them as soon as you discover an infestation in your home or building! In this article, we’ll offer you some tips on how you can solve your cockroach problem! Struggling with a cockroach infestation in the Greater New Orleans area? Contact our team at Pied Piper Pest Control today for a free quote on our cockroach extermination services!

Find The Source Of The Infestation

The first step for solving an infestation of any kind is to find the source. For cockroaches, the source of an infestation is usually two things: the thing that is attracting the roaches and the entry point they are using to access the thing that is attracting them. As mentioned above, cockroaches are typically attracted to places where they can find food. For this reason, infestations are often discovered in kitchens and other rooms where food messes have not been properly cleaned. In order to access the food they are attracted to, cockroaches typically enter the home or building through cracks, crevices, drains, or vents. While you can’t seal up your drains and vents, you can help resolve your cockroach problem by sealing off any cracks you find that they may be entering through.

Exterminate Them

The next step in solving your cockroach problem is to kill off any and all the cockroaches you can find. This step is easier said than done, however, because cockroaches are extremely quick and elusive. Your best bet for exterminating cockroaches is to poison them using spray or bait. Aerosol cockroach sprays are typically contact repellents, which means that you actually have to spray the insects directly to kill them. If you’ve had no luck with finding & spraying the roaches, you can try using a poisonous bait. Cockroach bait typically comes in a powder or gel form that can be placed in areas where you often spot the insects. If you choose to use cockroach bait, be sure to keep it away from pets, children, and areas where you prepare food!

Hire A Pest Control Professional

The most effective way to solve a cockroach infestation is to get the help of a professional. Pest control professionals have specialized equipment and will be able to use stronger & more effective chemicals than you can purchase at a store. Not only will a pest control professional solve your cockroach problem, but they’ll also prevent future infestations!

Contact Pied Piper Pest Control!

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Tips For Solving Cockroach Infestations