Autumn Cockroach Prevention Tips

Cockroaches In New Orleans (And How To Prevent Them From Entering Your Home!)

If you have grown up in New Orleans, or have spent any amount of time there, you may not be surprised by the sight of a cockroach here and there.

New Orleans is a naturally wet and mild climate, which makes it a safe haven for Cockroaches. While you are more likely to encounter other rodents and pests during these cooler months, the cockroach is one that can be found in your home at any point of the year due to their extreme resilience.

Read on for some helpful tips to help reduce the chances of finding cockroaches in your home!

Though it is true that cockroaches often prosper in clutter, filth, and grime. Cockroaches can ( & will) infest even the most sanitary and well-organized homes/buildings if they can get access.

Cockroach Prevention Tips!

Cockroaches are formidable creatures. Expert scavengers, and capable of surviving off of very little; Cockroaches can enter your home through a variety of access points such as cracks, crevices, crawl spaces and more.


  • Good sanitation is essential when it comes to reducing any reason for a cockroach to enter your home
  • Frequently vacuuming will help reduce cockroach infestations greatly as when there are fewer crumbs, your home becomes less enticing for pests & bugs

Food Storage:

  • If you have ever had cockroaches in your home, you might know that they often congregate around crumbs and loose food. Prevent contamination by properly sealing all food in containers, this includes pet food

Exclusion & Sealing:

  • Seal up any potential entry points for cockroaches, this includes but is not limited to holes around utility pipes, crawl spaces, cracks, crevices, as well as securing and sealing any loose windows and doors

Pest Control:

  • While the tips mentioned above are ideal for prevention, IF you suspect that your home has a cockroach infestation it may be more beneficial to contact a pest control specialist to examine your property, and find the root cause of the problem fast and efficiently
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Autumn Cockroach Prevention Tips