Tips To Reduce & Remove Silverfish From Your Home


Silverfish are small, wingless insects of the “Thysanura” order that get their name from their silvery-blue appearance, flat bodies & fish-like movements. While they may not pose a major risk to humans, their presence in your home can be enough to make your skin crawl! Silverfish thrive in climates that are generally humid, wet, and warm which makes New Orleans a safe haven for any pest that appreciates moisture.
For more helpful tips & information to help reduce the chances of finding any silverfish in your home, read on!

Common Silverfish Names:

  • Paramites
  • Carpet Sharks
  • Fishmoths

While similar in shape and size, Silverfish can be confused with firebrats, another very similar insect of the Thysanusa order.

Silverfish Facts & Tips!

While silverfish pose no real danger to humans other than the fact that it is an incredibly unpleasant experience to see in your home. Due to their diverse appetite, if left unchecked silverfish have the ability to destroy a variety of valuable items in your home!

What Do Silverfish Eat?

  • Silverfish feed primarily on starches and dextrin. this is frequently found in adhesives, such as glue and paste.
  • Silverfish will also make a meal out of book bindings, paper, photos, sugar, coffee, hair, carpet, clothing, and even human dandruff.
  • They will also feed on tapestries, silk, linen, cotton, household dust, and synthetic fibers.

New Orleans Is An Ideal Climate For Silverfish.

New Orleans is a naturally wet and mild climate, which makes it a paradise for pests that frequent humid, damp & warm location. This means that they can frequently be found in homes, specifically laundry rooms, ovens, heating units, fireplaces, hot water pipes. Silverfish can be found in attics during the summer, and the furnace during winter.

Reducing Silverfish In & Around Your Home

Using ventilation fans or dehumidifiers to suck up moisture is helpful in creating a drier environment less hospitable to silverfish
  • Frequently dusting of your home
  • Cleaning out of cabinets, closets and storage areas
  • Patch holes or spaces around pipes and conduits,
  • Repair leaks and drips in plumbing.
  • Keep collections of magazines, papers and books organized and occasionally rearrange them.

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Tips To Reduce & Remove Silverfish From Your Home