In2Care Mosquito Control Solutions!

It is a well-known fact that mosquitoes thrive in areas with high moisture levels and water sources. If you are a resident of the New Orleans, Louisiana area, you probably have many spaces around your property where water collects. Although there is not much you can do about this extra water; there are ways to prevent mosquitoes from making your yard their breeding ground. Conventional pest control methods often use several chemicals that harm the environment as mosquito solutions. In2Care has come up with a smart technology solution that is more effective and eco-friendly than traditional methods. Continue reading to find out more about the process and benefits of the In2Care mosquito control service

The In2Care Process

In2Care uses a new process that effectively prevents the breeding of large amounts of mosquitoes on your residential or commercial property. These flying insects will lay eggs in multiple moist locations throughout the property, making it difficult for pest experts to control. The In2Care trap attracts the mosquitoes and infects them with active ingredients. The mosquito then acts and a spreader of this ingredient, contaminating every breeding site that they land on. This process allows the ingredient to be spread to areas that pest control teams could not locate or reach on their own. The trap eliminates the need to spray harmful chemicals throughout the entire property and instead only small amounts in areas where mosquitoes thrive. 

Benefits of In2Care

This process works to prevent mosquitos all day, every day. It works to kill Aedes mosquitoes and eliminates larvae and pupae before they become a bigger issue. The In2Care treatment will also reduce the risk of any mosquito-borne virus transmission so you can relax and enjoy the outdoors. One of the most significant benefits this process offers is environmental friendliness and the safe ingredients used in place of harmful chemicals. In2Care is field validated and has published results that prove effectiveness. 

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Don’t let pesky mosquitoes ruin the beautiful summer days spent outside with the family. Pied Piper Pest Control is proud to offer In2Care services throughout the New Orleans area. We are happy to give you 15% off your service if you are a first-time customer of In2Care. Contact our pest experts at (504) 366-1333 to schedule your service today! 

In2Care Mosquito Control Solutions!