Preparing for Spring Pests

With a new season approaching comes new worries regarding pest issues. Spring is an incredibly active time for pests invading homes because of the weather shift. In New Orleans, Spring tends to be the time that the climate gets warmer. We all know this means that the humidity rises and moisture in the air increase significantly. Unfortunately, bugs thrive in moisture. Here are a few of the pests you should look out for in your homes this Spring season. 


Roaches are commonly round in dark, wet crevices. They are especially prevalent in New Orleans because they thrive in the humid weather conditions Spring and Summer bring along. The old buildings with cracks and entry points for bugs to get in make roaches an even bigger issue in this area. Cockroaches are extremely persistent pests that can survive for long periods in almost any environment despite a lack of food. It is imperative that once a roach is identified, the problem is taken care of immediately to prevent an outbreak. Using a pest control service is the best solution to solve this problem quickly and efficiently. 


The humid climate in New Orleans brings about a new kind of termite issue. Formosan termites are a variation of wood-eating bugs that are particularly relevant in wet environments. These pests have been known to destroy many old buildings in parts of New Orleans. It is common to spot these termites in large swarms in early Sprint time, and they should be avoided at all costs. If you see a swarm of these flying insects near your place of residence, be sure to seal all windows, doors, and cracks to your home. An infestation of Formosan termites in your home could be hugely damaging. 


If you live in the New Orleans area, you are well aware that mosquitoes are unavoidable in the warmer months. Homes closer to swamps or bodies of water are hit harder with the presence of these annoying bugs. Mosquitoes can cause more harm than just leaving behind an itchy red bump. These bloodsuckers have historically been carriers of nasty viruses. It is challenging to eliminate mosquitoes completely; however, there are steps to take to lower the amount of them. You can use repellent sprays, make sure doors and windows stay closed, and consider screened-in outdoor areas. 

Pied Piper Pest Control 

The experts here at Pied Piper are incredibly knowledgeable on the pests that make an appearance in the Springtime. Get ahead of the bugs and give us a call at 504.366.1333 the minute you recognize an infestation. 

Preparing for Spring Pests