Spring Cleaning & Home Maintenance Tips

Spring is an excellent time of the year to focus on home maintenance tasks by examining your home for any potential repairs! Doing this can help to reduce the odds of any unwanted pest or rodents from finding an entryway into your home or business.

Read on for some quick & easy tips to reduce the chances of pests or rodents entering your home this season!

Common Spring Pests:

With warmer weather on the horizon, here is a brief list of pests that are more prevalent this time of year!
  • Termites
  • Mice & Rats
  • Mosquitoes
  • Fleas
  • Ticks

Quick Tips To Prevent Pests & Rodents From Entering Your Home:

While it might seem impossible to keep every creature and rodent at bay, these quick and easy tasks below can help you to greatly reduce the chances of finding an unwanted guest in your home or business this season. When it comes to pest control, half of the battle is creature proofing your home and to be proactive about any warning signs of a pest or rodent infestation on your home or property. Use these tips to maintain your home and reduce the chances of any pesky critters from finding an entrance onto your property.

  • Moisture Control & Water Proofing
    • Fix leaky water sources. Keep moisture at a minimum by promptly repairing leaking pipes or faucets to reduce the chances of mosquito nests on your property
  • Lawn Care & Tree Maintenance
    • Outdoors, yards and lawns should be kept well-groomed since fleas prefer to hide in tall grass.
    • Trim bushes and hedges that are near or touching your house to reduce the odds of termites accessing the upper levels of your home
  • Sealing Cracks Or Openings Around Your Home
    • Keep pests out by sealing any cracks along weather stripping around your doors and windows
    • Cover non-essential vents or openings on the sides of your house
  • Examine Your Foundation
    • Caulk or close potential entry points to reduce rodents from entering your home
  • Regularly Check Your Pets For Fleas & Ticks
    • Our spring cleaning advice for keeping your home free of fleas & ticks is by maintaining a clean home by frequently vacuuming and washing bed linens regularly

The Pest Prevention Specialists

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Spring Cleaning & Home Maintenance Tips
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