Why Are There So Many Flies in My Home?

The heat of the summer brings out the worst in the insect population, especially flies, as they rely on the warm weather to develop through metamorphosis. This often causes them to invade your home.

man with fly swatter

House flies tend to sneak into homes through cracks in windows and doors, and then have a hard time escaping. They look for disgusting places to lay their eggs, such as on animal feces or trash. A female house fly can lay up to 500 eggs, in batches of 75-100 eggs each. They then hatch in as little as 24 hours, and complete their lifecycle within 7-14 days. If these eggs were laid in or near your home, they will often try to get into your house to lay more eggs. They can even lay these eggs in trash cans before you even realize you have a fly problem. Be sure all of your trash barrels are covered when not in use in the warmer months.


These flies are not only a nuisance when they’re flying around, but they can also carry diseases and leave bacteria on surfaces where they land. This means they can transfer diseases to you by landing on food and transmitting salmonella, E. coli, cholera and more.


Tips to Avoid Flies:

Seal windows & doors with screens

Keep trash barrels completely covered

Remove trash daily

Always run garbage disposal after doing the dishes

Don’t leave food out

Invest in mint, lavender & basil houseplants (flies hate these smells)

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Why Are There So Many Flies in My Home?