How Do I Know If I Have Termites in My Home?

Since termites live underground and in walls, they can often live in your home for an extended period of time without being noticed. Whether it’s drywall termites or subterranean termites, they can be tough to discover before the damage is already done. Termites live in colonies that can number from several thousand to several million, so it is extremely important to be proactive as soon as you see signs of them.


Watch out for these warning signs of termite activity:

  • Wood that sounds hollow when tapped
  • Floors or walls that look water damaged
  • Pin sized holes in the drywall
  • Mounds of drywood termite pellets (these often look like small piles of salt or pepper)
  • Piles of termite wings (these often look like fish scales)
  • Mud tubes climbing the foundation of your home


Drywood termites create a home for their colonies within the wood that they feed on. As they consume wood, they burrow mazes and tunnels within it. Subterranean termites build their tunnels underground and travel above ground to access food. The biggest signs of these two types of termites are maze like patterns on furniture and drywall, or mud tubes along the foundation of your home.


Use these tips to prevent termite infestations:

  • Make sure drainage sites remain clean and effective
  • Fix leaky pipes and any fixtures prone to leaking
  • Caulk any foundation cracks and around utility pipes
  • Store lumber and firewood away from the home
  • Monitor outdoor wooden structures for signs of infestation


These signs may only become visible after termites have been in your home for months. If you have noticed any of these signs in your home, call Pied Piper Pest Control right away for termite control! 504-366-1333

How Do I Know If I Have Termites in My Home?